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24 CT Gold Plated Premium Triangle Roller Pen with Gift Box (P-4) (PACK OF 1)

4.40 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
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About of 24 CT Gold Plated Premium Triangle Roller Pen with Gift Box (P-4) (PACK OF 1)

  • ✔ Gold Plated Pen || Fine Grip || Premium Pen || Pen comes in a Gift box
  • ✔ Great Looking Gold Pens – perfect fit for men & women, flight attendant, police officer, guest pen, wedding guest book, uniform pen, gift, etc.
  • ✔ Slim but Comfortable Weight – perfect weight and round barrel for writing comfort, meets all your needs for signing checks, taking notes, filling out forms, etc
  • ✔ Replaceable Ink – using standard refills, easily to buy the replacing cartridge from the market
  • ✔ GOLDEN PENS Slim, Sleek, Elegant, Gold, Bright and Shiny Design.

Description content

  • An unique design pen which gives you an ultimate writing instrument. Pen is a powerful means of mankind for inheritance of civilizations, recordation of thoughts and communication of feelings.
  • Pen comes in a Brand Gift Box.
  • Nowadays the pen has exceeded the writing function itself.
  • To possess a pen with integrity of quality and perfect design becomes a symbol of nobility.
  • The nib of the pen has been made with utmost engineering precision for its users a smooth writing experience.
  • This pen is to be admired not just for its writing function but also for the fact that the pen has exceeded the writing function in becoming a style statement of its own.
  • A look at the sheer quality and overall make of the pen in itself expresses a lot even without writing a word.
  • This pen also makes for an exciting gift. What set the pen apart are its light weight, glossy appearance, and a perfect finish. If you run your hand through the surface of the pen, you will experience that there are no rough edges.
  • It is due to the fact that the whole assembly of the various component parts of the pen has been done in a seamless manner. Once you begin using the pen, you will grow fond of it.
  • Once your hands are set on the pen, you will experience that you have grown reliable on the pen.
  • The more you use the pen, the fonder you end up growing of it. In fact, the pen with its ultra-luxury protective box that the pen comes packed in, makes for a perfect gift.
  • One the outstanding feature of the pen is that the pen does not cramp your fingers over long use, thus making sure that you can use the pen to write for a long time without developing skin cramps or without tiring your fingers.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 14 cm

5 reviews for 24 CT Gold Plated Premium Triangle Roller Pen with Gift Box (P-4) (PACK OF 1)

  1. Matthew White (verified owner)

    It’s a decent product for a decent price

  2. Ricco Thomas (verified owner)

    Great quality and look

  3. Jerry Graham (verified owner)

    Good buy. I have no complaints. I bought it.

  4. Karen Hall (verified owner)

    Great Quality and Great Price!

  5. Edwin lopez (verified owner)

    Great quality and look

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