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Liquid Detergent Front Load 2 Ltr + 500ml Free

4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
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About of Liquid Detergent Front Load 2 Ltr + 500ml Free

  • Ariel Matic Liquid protects coloured clothes from fading and provides a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance
  • Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent provides bright cleaning by removing tough stains in just 1 wash. Scent name: Refreshing
  • Ariel is Worlds no. 1 brand recommended by washing machine manufacturers globally
  • Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent has been especially designed for front load washing machines
  • 1 litre of Ariel Matic Liquid washes clothes as much as 1 KG powder
  • Ariel Matic Liquid comes with a unique cap design which ensures zero spillage and easy dosing

    Ariel Matic liquid detergent removes tough stains in just 1 wash and protects your colored clothes from fading. As a liquid detergent, it dissolves easily in water, which means your clothes maintain brightness without any residue. It comes with Ariel’s superior technology, which is hard on stains and soft on colors – providing you the perfect wash solution. Especially designed for front load fully automatic washing machines, 1 litre of Ariel matic liquid detergent washes clothes as much as 1kg powder, thereby delivering excellent usage value for you. The cutting- edge technology of Ariel ensures brilliant stain removal for all your clothes, by tackling the toughest of stains like tea, coffee, chocolate, tomato, etc. Its unique cap ensures 0 percent spillage and easy dosing, providing you a non-messy and delightful washing experience. It also has a refreshing fragrance that gives your clothes a long-lasting freshness. Ariel Liquid is so easy to use, that no matter who does the laundry, you will get exceptional results. So, more reason to #ShareTheLoad. Let’s keep the stains away with every drop of Ariel Matic liquid detergent!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11.7 × 33 cm

4 reviews for Liquid Detergent Front Load 2 Ltr + 500ml Free

  1. Alanna Hopson (verified owner)

    Not the best thing, but worth the money

  2. Karen Hall (verified owner)

    Good pricing Good product fast delivery

  3. Justin Oros (verified owner)

    The quality is good for the cost

  4. Matthew White (verified owner)

    Quality Product

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