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Overhead Tripod for Mobile & Tablet Stand | with 360 Degree Flexible Rotation

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About of Overhead Tripod for Mobile & Tablet Stand | with 360 Degree Flexible Rotation

  • Compability- This metal stand comes with 2 types of mount (1) Mobile Mount & (2) Tablet Mount. The Mobile mount is compatible with all types of smartphones/mobiles and tablet mount can attach any tablet with width upto 7 inch only.
  • 360 Angle Adjustment- The mobile/tablet mount bracket can be rotated 360 degree attached at the top and also metal stand can be rotated 360 degree at the base attached through the base clamp. It has 2 types of angle adjustment, you can also bring it close to the object as well as take it far from the object without putting much effort easily.
  • Mount Brackets- The mount bracket given for mobile & tablet attachment is fully padded with rubber at the inner sides, so that your costly phone doesn’t get any kinds of scratch and also these pads prevent from slipping away from the mount attachements.
  • Base Clamp- The base clamp of this overhead tripod can be attached with any edges of bed, tables, racks etc. You can easily shoot any videos like product review, kitchen vlogging, online teaching, conferences, instructional videos, drawing videos etc.
  • Length & Size – The total extendable length of this overhead tripod is 29 inches (73 cm). You can contracr or expend it according to your requirement as shown in video.

What is in the box?

  • 1 Flexible Metal Stand
  • 1 Mobile Mount
  • 1 Tablet Mount

OverHead Tripod- 29.5 Inches Size

Adjustable & Extendable Length

The overhead mobile stand can be extended upto 29.5 inches from top to bottom. The arm is gooseneck in built quality with pure metal material. The size of arm length can be contracted or expanded as per focus requirement. There are Knobs/keys provided at each joint to simply tight/loose or increase/decrease or set angles.

The Metal mobile stand overhead tripod is coated/anodised to prevent any rusting or corrosion from environmental factors.


  • Adjustable Length upto 29.5 inches
  • Anodies & Rustproof
  • Wiegth – 650 Grams
  • Suitable for Mobile & Tablet Videography

5 Ways Angle Adjustment

  1. 360° Mobile Holder – The Mobile holder bracket mount at the top can be adjusted 360 degree, you can shoot at vertical mode as well as horizontal mde.
  2. 270° Front/Backward Mobile Mount Movement – The Knob/key provided just behind the mobile bracket gives you option to move your mobile and focus the mobile camera at the desk or at your face as per your requirement.
  3. 270° Up & Down Height Adjustment – The third knob provide between 2 arms which joints 2 arms give you option to adjust height of the overhead tripod.
  4. 270° Front & Back Movement from the Base
  5. 360° Horizontal Rotation from the Base Clamp- The overhead base clamp can be rotated 360 degree horizontally from the base clamp.


Additional information

Weight 0.641 kg
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 2.5 cm

4 reviews for Overhead Tripod for Mobile & Tablet Stand | with 360 Degree Flexible Rotation

  1. Jerry Graham (verified owner)

    Great quality and look

  2. Karen Hall (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product

  3. Jessica Gray (verified owner)

    A promising product, worth trying

  4. Ryan Kells (verified owner)

    The quality is good for the cost

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