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Skinn By Titan Women's Eau De Parfum, Celeste, 100 ml

4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
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About of Skinn By Titan Women’s Eau De Parfum, Celeste, 100 ml

  • Titan fragrances women’s, celeste
  • He love affair between the jasmine and the tuber rose is sensual
  • Mandarin, pear and juicy peaches. Family : Woody


Spray on after bath, especially on your pulse points, for a long lasting fragrance.

Product description

Celeste evokes the liveliness of a spring garden.– with white floral notes and a touch of zing from peaches and pears, the dry sandalwood flirts with unexpected hints of patchouli. Celeste was designed as a reflection of a playful mood, with a flair for charming mischief.

Perfume Notes: A very modern, joyful and feminine fragrance from the floral family. From the very first notes, this fragrance reveals a playful floral nectar heart of exotic white flowers: exotic and sensual jasmine sambac flower, suave and irresistible orange flower, tuberose and delicate refreshing waterlily. This heart is surrounded by a very luminous and sparkling fruity top notes with touches of mandarin and grapefruit, juicy green pear, invigorating ginger and velvety mouthwatering white peach. This is followed by a very creamy dry down composed of fruity apricot nectar, reinforcing sensuality, sensual sandalwood, patchouli, and reinforced by precious white musks.


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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 4 × 10 cm

4 reviews for Skinn By Titan Women’s Eau De Parfum, Celeste, 100 ml

  1. James Baker (verified owner)

    Safe Shipping

  2. Jamee Graeber (verified owner)

    A promising product, worth trying

  3. Ryan Kells (verified owner)

    Not bad, but the service does not meet my expectations

  4. Ryan Kells (verified owner)

    Good pricing Good product fast delivery

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