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Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Support . Keyboard Wrist Rest , Memory Foam Support for Office and Gaming - Galaxy

4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
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About of Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Support . Keyboard Wrist Rest , Memory Foam Support for Office and Gaming – Galaxy

  • 【Wrist Rest for Computer Keyboard and Mouse Use】: Provides your wrist firmness and support; improves hand and wrist posture; allows you to rest your elbows on a cushion instead of the desk, keeps your wrist from getting hurt and gives you a relaxing and comfortable use at home, office or anywhere. This wrist rest provides great care to your hand and wrist.
  • 【Memory Foam provides a comfort zone】: Made of improved super soft and breathable material. Memory foam mouse pad supports your wrist in hypoallergenic comfort by cradling it in a neutral position, without pressure points that could lead to repetitive motion disorders.
  • 【Non-Skid Rubber Base】: Provides Heavy Grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard And Mouse Pads, Extra Durable Double Sticking actions supply a flat and smooth Edge and will not roll up or split open.
  • 【Pain Free Experience】: Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Wrist Pad Alleviates Wrist Pain, proving the ideal solution for those with wrist issues, or those who spend long hours at their laptop or desktop.
  • 【A great Partner for a great Product】: A stylish Seagull Flight Of Fashion Mobile Holder as a value add to our customers; making it the perfect companion.

Reduce Wrist Fatigue!

  • Experience a new level of comfort: If you work long hours behind a computer screen, then you know very well that wrist fatigue, shoulder and elbow stress are common. With our brand new Seagull Flight Of Fashion Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support, you can work as long as you want!
  • Pain Free Experience: Protect your wrists, reduce repetitive strain and provide a comfortable experience for work or gaming. The ergonomically designed wrist rests reduce pressure points for forearm and supports wrists for prolonged comfort.
  • Memory Foam: It is filled with slow rebound memory foam, it has good elasticity, soft and comfortable bottom natural rubber, non-slip lines; it is a seven-layer process, ensuring long-term use .Durable, comfortable and lightweight, you can carry it everywhere when you need it.
  • A perfect fit: Suitable for use with most computers, notes, tablets and laptops, it is perfectly suited for people who use computers everyday long whether at home, office, or anywhere, you can also carry it with you while travelling or on business trips. It is also an ideal gifting item in today’s day and age.

Comfort And Convenience!

  • It’s super smooth surface allows a comfortable and relaxed user experience.
  • High Quality Memory Foam bounces back into shape slowly, to avoid wear and tear; and fits comfortably on your wrist for long hours at work or otherwise.
  • Allows more accurate and faster mouse movement, and provides excellent point and click precision.

Ergonomic Wrist Support!

  • The upgraded soft memory foam filled cushion and ergonomic support provides good touch and effective support to your wrist.
  • Ideal for long work hours or intense gaming sessions, Seagull Flight Of Fashion Wrist Rest allows you a comfortable and pain free experience.
  • A complete set, it protects both hands from fatigue and wrist pain.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 43 × 25 × 2 cm

4 reviews for Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Support . Keyboard Wrist Rest , Memory Foam Support for Office and Gaming – Galaxy

  1. Edwin lopez (verified owner)

    Very happy it’s our third product

  2. Javier Jerez (verified owner)

    Quality Product

  3. Matthew White (verified owner)

    Very happy it’s our third product

  4. Manivardhan Reddy (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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